Our Educational Program

In its inaugural year, the International Film Festival of Panama launched an exciting program to inspire and enable children and youth to explore cinema through educational workshops, free screenings, and supported learning in audio-visual/editorial production. Combined with IFF Panama’s other activities, this program helps groups of young people organize to develop and refine their skills and knowledge in these and other areas of the film industry.

Photo: Actress Geraldine Chaplin addresses the kids in our educational program.

Four years later, in 2015, over 850 children participated; representing nine different non-profit foundations and five schools, just like Fundación Brooklyncito (which has been actively involved in this initiative for the past two years), IFF Panama provided no-cost film screenings for them to enjoy; going above and beyond to arrange both transportation and accommodations.

This helped ensure youth groups in regions outside Panama City – like Portobelo, Colon, and the Darien – could reach and enjoy IFF Panama activities safely and easily.


Among the program’s best-loved educational workshops is the stop-motion studio. In 2015, for the second year, children gathered for a high-energy, two-day experience where industry insiders helped them explore the process of creating stop-motion animation.
And the short film they created together? The large audience at Panama’s Museum of Contemporary Art declared its production and public screening an inspiring success.

This year ought to be even better.

Last year, IFF Panama partnered with FANCINE initiative to support a group of young people in the foundation of their very own magazine: Pela'os and Pela'as Te Cuentan El Festival. The printed publication, distributed throughout IFF Panama in 2015, featured film critiques, articles, and exclusive interviews – written, designed, and produced entirely by members.

Watch for the 2016 edition at any IFF Panama venue – or get involved!


IFF Panama understands that the youth and children of today are the future representatives of Panamanian culture and industry. We believe it’s essential to offer them healthy opportunities to develop critical thinking skills and grow creatively – both for the future of Panama’s film industry and maximum success in their own lives.